Judge it!

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Judge it! is THE voting app for feedback in the form of graphical and tabular realtime statistics on opinions from your friends. Invite friends, acquaintances and relatives to votings of any kind, and make decisions in a fast and uncomplicated way!

Chat within each voting group and give intuitive feedback in realtime to your friends on any topic! Coordinate your meetings, appointments and events.

The era of endless discussions and voting sessions belongs to the past. Make quick decisions in a straight-forward way with friends, such as:

  • Which party are we going to today?
  • What gift should we make to Stan?
  • When are we going to play soccer next time?
  • Where are we going to during spring break?
  • Which courses should we attend together at college?
  • What are we going to do on saturday night?
  • How do you like my new shoes?
  • Do you like this video link?
  • ...

These options are at your disposal:

  • Ask questions in no time and get feedback in order to easily make decisions
  • Vote on a joint event, make decisions together, organize events in a very simple and intuitive way
  • Results in the form of graphical and tabular realtime statistics
  • Text votings (Where do we meet? Where shall we go?)
  • Photo votings (What do you prefer? Does that look good on me?)
  • Time votings (Pick a date / hour / timeframe)
  • Link votings (Which hotel is better?)
  • Ask several questions within one voting (e.g. When do we meet? and Where do we meet?)
  • Results are presented graphically and in tabular form
  • Chat function so you can chat with your friends while voting at the same time
  • Synchronisation with your phone contacts
  • Invite friends and make a broadcast on your voting via various social networks
  • Subsequently add additional friends to your voting and add voting options
  • Rethink your vote and change it at any time
  • Initiate additional votings to the same group of people
  • Create groups - for certain friends, your club or your colleagues
  • Create your own user profile
  • Notification functions, when friends voted or sent you messages via the chat
  • Quick, easy and uncomplicated - and above all: secure
  • Answers and decisions within minutes

We take data protection seriously. We host in Germany and encrypt all personal data. Personal data is only being used for purposes of the usage of the app.